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Getting creative with jewellery making and beads during coronavirus lockdown

Posted on 30 September, 2020 at 8:47
bead kits
With more and more families spending time together at home during the Covid 19 lockdown, people have adapted to new ways of living and developed new skills and crafts. Jewellery making has been one of them!

We found our creative customers and those wanting to try something new, loved ourBead Jar kit! Beading has been a real hit with home schooling mums and dads and adding the arts and crafts creative aspect to their teaching day made, what were stressful days, into a calm and creative pleasure.
We also found bored and furloughed workers loved turning their hand to creative jewellery making skills and developing a new beading hobby. The fun aspect of our beads brightened up their days, as well as being able to create little gifts for loved ones during the lockdown.
bead kits

Beading is great for learning creation of colour patterns and enhancing visual imagination. Our bead tub kits have been great for entertaining little ones ages 3+. Both girls and boys have enjoyed getting creative while improving on their fine motor skills. The simplicity of easy threading and knotting always makes things a bit easier for early learning.

keyring making beat kit complete with instructions
Our keyring making kit and bead bucket kits have been a hit with kids from ages 9 - adult. Being able to go a little further and advance in skills by using pliers and bending wire findings is very satisfying, not to mention the great quality end product. 

The simple bead kit instructions that come with our kits are also a really useful aid for jewellery makers to further their skills.

necklace and bracelet making kit in a tidy little bucketkeyring making kit with good quality durable glass beadsI'm really happy that during these ever changing times people are still looking to arts and crafts to enjoy passing the time. Its so nice to see kids and adults alike coming off the iPads, finding balance in their day and enjoying getting creative. The best part is you can design and make your own jewellery, accessories and decorations and they are unique to you. Its good to remember that with jewellery making design there is no right or wrong way to express your creativity.

Enjoy your day all you arty crafty beaders out there and please feel free to contact us with any questions, always happy to help! Abby 

Categories: Getting creative with beads and jewellery making during the Covid 19 lockdown

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